9 month update

As I write this post, baby girl has turned 10 months old. So this is a retrospective post on her 9th month.

At 9 months old Ava is a smiley happy baby. She will give anyone and everyone a smile and loves to giggle. She loves singing and music and will stop in her tracks to pay attention and dance and join in. Everything has to go in the mouth and she knows exactly what she wants.

Ava is still crawling around everywhere and does a ‘super speedy’ crawl when she sees something that she really wants to get to. She also crawls on her feet when she is wearing a dress and it gets caught on her knees or when she doesn’t like the feeling of what she is crawling on.

Ava crawling

In the last month she has got really good at pulling herself up to stand. She will stand with one hand holding on, or just by sightly leaning against something. She has on a couple of occasions let go and stood on her own for a few seconds, eek!

Ava standing up

Ava says the sounds Mama and Dada although I’m not sure that she actually says them too us. She is constantly babbling and making noises.

She can play peekaboo and will hide herself which is very, very cute! We have a little video of her doing it on holiday.

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Ava has got into a bit of a routine with her naps. She will go to sleep roughly 2 hours after getting up in the morning, usually around 9 and then again after lunch. She goes to sleep around 7 in the evening and wakes between 6-8. She is still waking in the night for milk which is annoying but we know it wont be for much longer.

Ava sleeping


Ava loves her food and will happily feed herself and try everything you give her. She is eating three meals and snacks and has milk first thing, mid afternoon, bedtime and in the night. Her current favourites are sweet potato with anything, blueberries and organix crisps.

Ava eating

Reflux and allergies

Ava is still on her lanzoprasole for her reflux and still has bad and good days with it. She still gets hiccups and still gets refluxy and in pain from it. Some night we have a bad night from it and even sometimes in the day you can hear her swallowing. Her allergies are still pretty much the same, as far as we know they are dairy, soya, egg, strawberry and banana. We have a list of foods that we can’t give her until she has her allergy tests which should be soon. We take piriton with us when we go to places just incase. It’s relatively easy at the moment as she only eats what we give her. We do have to be extra vigilant that she doesn’t pick up any food that has been left lying around when we are out.


When we went to Devon Ava had her first beach experience. We have a really good indoor beach near us but we wanted to wait and take her to a proper one. She loved the sand which we were surprised about as she doesn’t like the feeling of grass. The water was too cold really for her to go in so we dipped her toes in the sea which she wasn’t too keen on. Another day she splashed in one of the puddles on the sand that had been warmed by the sun.

Ava splashing a beach puddle


Ava having her toes dipped in the sea

Ava also had her first plane experience when we took her to Spain. They were both evening flights so she slept for most of them and luckily didn’t cry. She loved the beach again and we got her a paddling pool to play in,in the shade to keep her cool. She also came in the sea with us one day and thought the waves were funny.

Ava on a plane for the first time

At just over 9 months she weighed 17lb 8oz

Clothes size

She still fits into most of her 3-6 month clothes but can wear some 6-9 now too.

16 responses to “9 month update”

  1. Gorgeous photos and brilliant video.

    I’ve just come across your blog via the #WhatMyKidDid linky as I’ve just linked up for the first time with my little boys 14 month update. I love reading other peoples updates about their little ones to see how everyone is getting on.

    Rowan (my little boy) was still waking up in the night for feeds when he was nine months old and has grown out of it so I’m sure Ava won’t be to far off.

    Laura x

  2. Ahhh I love this so much!! I found 9 months to be such a fun time with Arthur too!!
    Ava is ridiculously cute!! Love all the pics at the beach she’s so clearly loving it!!
    So sorry she’s still having problems with reflux that is awful for you all!
    Sounds like it won’t be long till she’s walking..,,get ready mama 🙂 xx

  3. Cheryl @ Reimer and Ruby says:

    Best time when they still have 2 naps in a day, isn’t it? She looks so adorable sitting in that booster seat while trying to munch. #PicknMix

  4. Becster says:

    Cute photos! I’m sorry to hear about all her allergies – that must be awful! 🙁 #PickNMix

  5. Silly Mummy says:

    Aww how lovely! She sounds like she is doing so well. I love the speedy crawling babies develop when they want something, and their versions of peekaboo! Looks like she loved the sand – both of mine have been really reluctant with the feel of sand for ages! #picknmix

  6. Chloe says:

    Oh how cute. It’s nice looking back on this age and getting to remember how Evie was. Ohh i miss those early crawling days. That’s so good that she was brilliant on the flight. I’m terrified of taking Evie on a plane. She’s constantly got ants in her pants and I doubt she’d sit still on the plane at all. xx #pickNmix

  7. Bless her, Ava is doing fab! Loving the smiles throughout the pics and love that she is crawling/standing up.

    My little one is 7.5mths and hates tummy time so I doubt he’ll crawl!

    He was weighed just before 7mths at 20lbs2oz – hehe – he’s huge! xx #PicknMix

  8. Lisa says:

    Ahhh she’s absolutely gorgeous. My little girl is due in January and can’t wait to do all the baby stuff again. The boys are now 6 & 8 and already fiercely independent.

  9. Suz says:

    Aww getting so big!! 9 months already – they seem to have flown in! Such a lovely read! Suz x Beauisblue.com

  10. Emma's Mamma says:

    Aw this is so cute! It reminds me of when Emma was that age. I really feel for her having reflux. Bless her! The photo of her on the plane is just too cute! #PicknMix

  11. Su says:

    Loves Ava’s peeka-boo. She is so sweet! I bet she’ll be walking soon! When she sleep she looks very content on Daddy’s shoulder. Very precious moment. x #PicknMix

  12. Wow what a busy little bee Ava has been! Where a outs in Devon did you go? I live there! Cute video if her playing peekaboo! Very sweet x

  13. Aw gorgeous photos, you can see in them what a little character she is 🙂

    Stevie xx

  14. Aww, it’s such a fun age isn’t it! Gorgeous pictures and she seems like such a little character! I’m glad she enjoyed her trips to the beach. T hates sand (he had a thing about grass too when he was Ava’s age!) so it would be a nightmare for him, haha! Sorry to hear she’s still having trouble with reflux . #whatmykiddid

  15. This is such a cute little update. I am so excited for Oscar to be this age as it looks like they start to learn loads of new and exciting things. It looks like she enjoyed the beach and I bet you had a great time in Spain! I’m nervous for our first holiday abroad next September even though Oscar will be a year and a half haha. I found your post through the #WhatMyKidDid linky by the way! Hope you are having a great week x

  16. So sweet to hear about the super fast crawl! I loved it when my oldest started doing that (till it was towards something dangerous!)
    So pleased the plane journeys were good too!

    Thanks for linking up with #WhatmyKidDid

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