Wicked Wednesdays #9

December 16, 2014
Told not to mess about with the comb, messes about with the comb! 
Look at the tear rolling down his cheek! “Don’t pull it, it hurts!”


11 responses to “Wicked Wednesdays #9”

  1. Oh dear! I hope you didn’t have to cut him free! xx

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Uh-oh! Hope you managed without having to cut any hair 😀 x

  3. Oh dear!!! Hope it’s out now?!?

  4. Katy F says:

    Oh no! Look at his face!! Did make me chuckle slightly though as he was warned! #WickedWednesdays

  5. uh oh! I did this twice when I was a child, by trying to curl my fringe (by wrapping the comb round!). I still remember my mother’s wrath when I did it for the second time, she was fuming!

  6. Tanya Snooks says:

    Oh no!! That is one of the most painful things ever!!

  7. Uh-oh, those combs are just irresistible 😉 xx

  8. O man… what a wally?!!? You did warn him afterall! #wickedwednesday

  9. Oh no! My daughter has thick thick hair and she got one of those round bristly brushes stuck in her hair! I dont know how we managed to get it out but we did eventually x

  10. pixiedusk says:

    Oh dear! Tangled! #wickedwednesday

  11. Oh no! Look at his little face! Hope you’re enjoying your festive break! See you back on January 7th for #wickedwednesdays xxx

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