12 Gifts of Christmas- Win 5 Christmas Tree seeded cards

Welcome to the eighth post in my 12 Gifts of Christmas series. If you scroll down to the bottom you can enter to win a set of 5 Christmas tree seeded cards. Over the next few weeks I will be hosting competitions for 12 different and unique Christmas gift ideas for all members of the family. To make sure you don’t miss any subscribe to my blog posts by filling in your email in the box to the right of the page. You can find previous posts by clicking on the 12 gifts of Christmas on the top menu and you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where I will be posting links to the competitions. I hope you enjoy them and good luck!

If you have been following my series you will know how much I love our Personalised Elephant Herd Print. So I’m delighted to be able to offer you the chance to win some more goodies from Talk of the town.

The Handmade Christmas Cards are beautiful. My favourite have got to be the festive green baby Christmas Tree cards. They are made from Reindeer Poo and contain Christmas tree seeds so that you can re grow the card after use into your very own Christmas tree! A fantastic Eco friednly way to give a Christmas card.  I can’t wait to give mine out this Christmas.  They are A6 and each comes with a Kraft envelope. Inside is left blank for your own message. 

Win a pack of 5 Christmas tree seeded cards

You can also win a Personalised Santa letter from Talk of the Town Parties.

For your chance to win a pack of 5 Christmas Tree, Reindeer poo seeded cards enter via the Gleam form below. 

Win a set of 5 Christmas Tree, Reindeer poo seeded cards

28 responses to “12 Gifts of Christmas- Win 5 Christmas Tree seeded cards”

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Lovely thank you!

  2. Laura Nice says:

    These look great!!

  3. I think these are such a great idea, and really attractive too

  4. kirsty l says:

    great looking cards!

  5. Solange says:

    Lovely prize

  6. clair downham says:

    thankyou very much for the giveaway

  7. felicity williams says:

    fantastic idea for cards 😀

  8. Jon says:

    What a great idea for a card!

  9. sandy says:

    what a great concept. how have I never seen these before??

  10. Kat Lucas says:

    Fab giveaway!

  11. Lizziebeth says:

    I Love the idea of these!

  12. Anne-Marie Wigley says:

    lovely!!! 😀

  13. Maria Jane Knight says:

    These are hilarious!!

  14. Kelly L says:

    Brilliant giveaway!

  15. Victoria Prince says:

    These are brilliant! What a fun idea, I love it

  16. Aww what a cute card!I’ll be entering xx #picknmix

  17. Robyn says:

    Such a novelty! It would be so fun to wait for a little sprout from these after you’ve planted them 🙂

  18. What a cool idea! – definitely something different #PicknMix

  19. Lady Nym says:

    That’s a good idea!


  20. This is so cool! I love to find gifts which are a little bit different 🙂

  21. Tracey Abrahams says:

    Is it really bad of me that I want to win these just so I can send my mum a raindeer poo christmas card??? #Picknmix

  22. Natalie says:

    These are a fab idea 🙂

  23. Great idea, I have a sheep poo air freshener in my car (present from Wales!)

  24. Wow you can grow a tree from the card afterwards? What a lovely idea! 🙂 #picknmix

  25. kim neville says:

    Lovely cards 🙂

  26. I love this idea, but I’m not very good with plants. They always died on me. lol! Thanks for hosting & Have a Merry Christmas! Xx

  27. These are a brilliant idea!

    Stevie x

  28. martyn says:

    These look great. And a great idea! #picknmix

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