36 weeks

September 25, 2014

Another eventful week! We went to see the bump photos and they were amazing. We had a hard job choosing some. I can’t wait to go back and get the newborn photos done! 

I had the appointment with the consultant and it went really well. He listened to all my concerns and agreed that yes a c section would be the best option. I’ve been booked in for one, but the earliest they could do in my 39th week is 39+4. I asked what I should do if I went into labour before then and was told to come straight in and they would still do one. I’ve got loads of information to read and an anaesthetist appointment the week before. I also now need to get a few different bits for my hospital bag and put some more baby clothes in as we will be in hospital for longer.

My oh left for Korea on Monday and isn’t back till Sunday. Bump was given a talking to about staying put till then. Yesterday I went in for some monitoring as she had been very quiet the night before and then extremely active in the morning. Way more than usual and they were concerned that she could be distressed. Luckily the heart trace was all fine. However on the way there I started getting regular tightenings. They were showing up on the monitor and getting stronger. The registrar was called to check and see if I was in early labour as the midwife was pretty sure that I was. I was starting to panic at this point as it was about 4pm so midnight in Korea. I didn’t want to worry the oh unless I needed to. Luckily on examination everything was still closed and I was allowed home on strict instructions to come straight back if there are any changes.  

The added complication was that it was my eldest monkeys 7th birthday. All the nice plans I had for after school didn’t happen. We still managed a meal but he had to wait till the next day to have a go on his new bike! 
I will be really relieved when it is Sunday, bump is still safely inside and the oh is back! I would be so upset if he missed the birth and the first few days! 

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  1. Aww sounds like you’ve had a bit of a stressful week. Hopefully things have settled now and you can relax a bit x

  2. Molly Forbes says:

    Sounds very stressful! Hope you’re all OK now and things have calmed down. You look as lovely as ever in your bump pic. xx

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