Allergy Friendly baby meal ideas

Thinking of meals that your baby, toddler or child with allergies can eat, can be a challenge. My allergy friendly post that I did last week on a day of meals was really popular, if you missed it, you can read it here. So many Mums commented saying how useful it was. I am going to do a series of daily meal ideas that hopefully might help.

All of the meals are dairy, soya, egg, peanut, banana and strawberry free. They could be adapted for any other allergies your baby may have. More details of the products I use in these meals can be found at the bottom of the post. Some of the meals will also be suitable for you to eat if you are breast feeding and also avoiding the allergens.

Allergy friendly baby meal ideas


Baby rice mixed with apple and mango mashed fruit puree with Oat milk.

Toast squares with Vitalite butter and apricot sugar free jam.

Blueberries (I find if I gently squeeze them she manages to eat them better as she still has no teeth to break the skin)

Mid morning snack

Blueberry rice wafer


Today we were out as we are on holiday in Devon. I took an Ella’s pouch with us. These are great as if your baby wants to feed themselves they can squeeze the pouch into their mouths themselves or you can spoon feed them.

Raisins and dried apricots


Par baked baguette (dairy and soya free) with Violife cheese spread. Cucumber sticks and plum tomatoes. She also had some pitta strips with hummous as she saw us eating some and wanted it. She could dip the strips with some help.


Food Products

Some of these products I can only find in larger Tesco stores. You can also find some of them in health food shops and online shops. Please note none of these are affiliate links, nor have I been paid to include them.

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