Clothing That Helps To Make Dressing Toddlers Easier

There’s something about clothes and toddlers that don’t go well together. They’re at the point where they’re discovering the world around them, realising that they have feet and wanting to wriggle out of your hands as fast as possible. So what clothing is the easiest when dressing your toddler?

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Laced Or Velcro Shoes

Toddlers will do a lot of crawling and kicking of the legs, which means that anything loose fitted on the feet is going to fall off on a regular basis. So when buying baby shoes, try to find shoes that are well fitted and more importantly are laced or have velcro. This allows them to be fitted securely to the foot and hopefully will keep those little toes warm when out and about. Too loose and you’ll be coming home with just the one odd shoe, and that’s if you’re lucky!


What has recently become fashionable for adults to wear, the onesie can be a great item of clothing for a wriggling toddler. This is one outfit that is probably more suited for indoors (although adults have been known to wear it as an outdoor option) and because it’s an all-in-one outfit, it won’t come off no matter how much they move. They also come in a range of styles and thicknesses to suit the weather all year round. Try finding one with a hood as these are particularly adorable.

Diapers That Hug

Diapers are the fussy items of clothing that must be kept on at all times. So it’s difficult when these tend to fall down or fall apart when your toddler is on the move. However, to reduce the likelihood of this happening, diapers that have a figure-hugging band around the top is going to cling to the body and will be much more efficient than ones that secure by taping the sides together. These can easily fall apart.

Avoid Snap Fasteners

Although they’re easy to do up, snap fasteners can easily come apart, especially if the toddler is still crawling around the house. Try to avoid them if possible and instead opt for tops without any type of button or fastening that holds it together. If you do go for snap fasteners, have that piece of clothing as the outerwear with a plain top underneath. That way, if it comes undone, your toddler will still be decent underneath.


Dungarees are always a great choice when it comes to clothing because even though it’s a little more comfortable, it’s still stylish. It also means that you don’t need to worry about trousers or bottoms in general falling down, as they’ll be secured by the straps on the dungarees.

Whatever clothing you go for, this is always going to be a particularly tricky time for dressing your child. However, try to keep the wardrobe choice as plain and practical as it can be. They’re at the stage where they are still growing, so they’ll soon outgrow anything you buy anyway. But you might already know that!

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