New Starts: Giving Up Bad Habits For The Sake Of Your Kids

There’s nothing quite like having children to make us realise that some of the things that we’ve done in life haven’t always been for the best. Sometimes it’s the wake-up call that we need, but also, when we start to raise these young people to be the best they can be, this forces us to have a look at ourselves, and confront those bad habits that we never really thought were a problem before. So what sort of bad habits do we need to confront and what can we do to ensure that we break them properly? 

The Really Unhealthy Ones

We know that with something like smoking, we shouldn’t do it around children, but even if we spend a lot of time trying to hide bad habits from our kids, they will eventually find out. The best thing to do is to start quitting as soon as possible. At it’s not as easy as this, as anybody that’s trying to give up smoking will tell you. Instead, try to find a way to gradually wean yourself off, such as by using e-cigarettes. BuyV2Cigs supply a great range of e-cigarettes to get you started. The same goes for alcohol. Yes, everything in moderation, but if you want to set a good example for your children do you want them to think that you have a glass or three every night is a good habit? We have to remember that we set the example. So if they do something that we don’t agree with later on, to an extent, we can only blame ourselves. 

Negative Self Talk

You might think there’s nothing wrong with it because you direct it at yourself. Yes, while we all have moments where we feel that we just can’t accomplish anything, we’ve got to think twice about doing it. What if your children are within earshot? When you think about it from their perspective, when they hear their parents talking about themselves in this manner, it’s likely that they will start to think the same things about themselves. It’s these things that become learnt behaviours. If we are insecure about ourselves what we should do is learn how to offset this pattern. There are ways to do it. Something like cognitive behavioural therapy can work, as well as positive self-talk. But firstly, before you do anything you need to address the fact that you are negative can put you in the right mindset to fix it once and for all.

Get Off Your Phone

If your children see you constantly on your phone, they think that this is an essential part of who you are; is this really the case? Sometimes, in the hunt for a simpler life, we have to get rid of a lot of the things that we use as crutches. Our phones become an automatic habit, that we look to it when we have a spare second or two. And while there is nothing wrong with social media, and being in communication with others, there is a difference between using the phone as a communication device, and it’s being a barrier between you and your children. 


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