Easy ways to save money in the summer holidays

With the summer holidays now in full swing the thought of filling 6 weeks with entertainment, without breaking the bank fills me with dread! I’m really, really hoping that this lovely weather stays. But the chances are that it will break whilst the kids are off school. It’s so much harder to find cheap things to do in the rain isn’t it? With that in mind I’ve been thinking of ways to save a little money for an emergency rainy day pot, literally!

Easy ways to save some money this summer

Sell old and unwanted toys and clothes at a car boot sale or list them on ebay. It can be time consuming, but it’s also a great excuse to have a good declutter.

Check your mobile phone contract. If your contract is due to run out and you aren’t upgrading then make sure you swap to a sim only and save yourself pounds every month and the mobile phone comparison sites are great for finding the cheapest deals. The good news is Ofcom are bringing in rules for providers to notify you when your contract ends so this does make it easier to save.  

Invest in some reusable bottles, then fill them up and take them with you on days out. It will save on buying expensive drinks when you are out and about.

Have at least 1 no spend day a week. It’s incredibly simple and surprisingly difficult at the same time. But you will save on those little buys that all add up.

If you go out for the day pack a picnic AND snacks.

Check for discount codes when buying anything. Shop when it’s the sales and buy new school uniform now when a lot of places have % off.

Switch up your grocery shopping habits, meal plan AND stick to it. Then try going down to own brand labels and/or shopping in places like Aldi.

Join the library then you will have free books to read instead of paying for them. They also run lots of free events for kids throughout the summer, win, win.

Ask the children what they would like to do, I was surprised it was things like a water gun fight, have a picnic etc. Obviously these depend on good weather, but it’s good to have a bank of free and easy ideas to keep them entertained.

Look for free events locally and write them down, so that you know what is on when.

If you are planning a day out look for 2for1 deals, or exchange Clubcard vouchers. Never pay on the gate! 

We asked for a National Trust Membership for a family Christmas present, which means we can now go there for free and take a picnic. They often have activities on over the school holidays and if you aren’t a member 5 and under go free. 

Buy multipack ice creams and ice lollies and have them at home instead of buying them from an ice cream van.

Planning a meal out at a restaurant, then look for current vouchers and consider getting a taste card. 

Get together with friends, you get some adult conversation and the kids get to burn off some steam together.

If you want to make a trip to the cinema, get Meerkat movies code or go during the kids specials showings.

I hope all of these things help. I try to plan a few activities and some days at home each week. Even if we just wonder down to the local park on the days we stay at home, it means they don’t get over tired. And it’s lovely to not have to rush out every morning. My kids love a PJ day!

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