A Few Tips to Begin Simplifying Everyday Life

If there’s one problem that huge numbers of people routinely find themselves experiencing today’s world, it might be the sensation that everyday life is full of excess complexity and that there is never enough time to get everything done.

Between striving for professional success, maintaining contact with friends, being there for your family, and trying to find some time for your own hobbies, it can be difficult to figure out how to strike the right balance.

Perhaps one of the best things to try, as a general rule, is to look for ways to begin simplifying everyday life. Here are a few tips.

Utilise apps and services to help promote a more balanced relationship with digital technology

One of the main culprits that are arguably responsible for the sense of overwhelm that so many of us experience on a regular basis, is the ubiquity of our modern digital technologies – and the difficulty we often experience with regards to interacting with these devices in a balanced way.

Fortunately, there are apps and services aplenty to help promote a more balanced and responsible relationship with digital technology.

You can, for example, click here to read the full article from Family Orbit about how their services can help you to track the location of your kids, in addition to monitoring their use of their devices.

At the same time, tools such as Cold Turkey Blocker can help you to set limits on your daily Internet time, among other things.

Commit to spending at least a bit of time each day in silence

The Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge is famous for various extreme acts of daring and endurance throughout his lifetime so far, including being the first man to walk solo to the South Pole.

In recent years, he’s published a book entitled “Silence in the Age of Noise,” which argues that finding regular moments for silence is essential for getting in touch with the deeper parts of ourselves, and becoming centered, balanced, and insightful – not to mention feeling truly alive.

One of the best ways of simplifying your everyday life is to commit to spending at least a bit of time each day in silence. Importantly, this doesn’t mean that there can’t be any noise at all in your environment, just that you’re not actively distracting yourself with anything, noisy or otherwise.

Be selective about the goals you are actively pursuing

When all is said and done, it’s natural to want to achieve things and to pursue a variety of different goals in life.

At the same time, however, it’s very important to realise and remember that actively pursuing any goal rather than being focused on the present moment, tends to entail a certain degree of stress and anxiety.

The more goals you try and pursue at any given time, the more complex, overwhelming, and stressful your life is likely to seem.

One of the most important steps for simplifying your life as a whole is to be highly selective about the goals you are actively pursuing. Focus on a couple of goals that mean the most to you at the moment, rather than trying to do everything at once.

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