Wednesday Wants The Self Care Edition

I walked a marathon on Saturday, the whole 26.2 miles! It was definitely a challenge and to be honest I’m still recovering now. My ankles are back to a normal size but I still have some rather impressive blisters on my big toes. I’m also really tired, probably more tired than I was the next day. I had a complete lack of appetite after which I’m sure didn’t help. This week I have been craving warm comfy things, massages and hot baths. So this weeks ‘Wednesday Wants’ is on a self care theme.

self care

Wednesday Wants – The Self Care Edition.

Who doesn’t love a lush bath bomb? I’ve opted for ‘Twighlight’ which is perfect for aiding a restful nights sleep. Their ‘Butterball’ is another favourite of mine as it leaves you with silky smooth skin. 

I love a planner and have recently come across the Freedom Planner. It’s meant to help you become much more productive by teaching you how to focus only on your top priorities and delegate the rest.

I’ve practised yoga on and off for a long time now. It always makes me feel great and I have the best nights sleep after. During one of our recent moves my Yoga mat  went missing so I need a new one.

After my operation in December last year I discovered just how comfy yoga pants are. I hate feeling slobbyy but love changing into something comfy or even spending the day in them. You pants feel more dressy than jogging bottoms. These reversible Sweaty Betty Yoga leggings are firmly on my lust list. Depending on your mood you can wear them as plain black or Japanese Floral.

Dark chocolate is not my favourite type of chocolate but I have been slowly building up and actually quite enjoy a 70% one now. So this Green & Blacks would be perfect to snuggle up and eat whilst watching a film.

A relaxing evening wouldn’t be complete without a nice candle and I think The White Company’s Spa relax candle would be perfect. 

Which brings me on to this beautiful arm knitted chunky knitted blanket. I love getting under a blanket on the sofa and have had my eye on one of these for a while. I love the style!


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