Three Simple Tips for Being More Healthy and Sustainable in 2021

This year has been recording breaking, challenging, and unforgettable. However, aren’t we all ready to ring in the New Year? I know, I’m looking forward to turning the page and starting 2021. If anything has been the lesson of 2020, it is that our health is our wealth. Over the past year, we have seen the world forced to pause in order to control and curb the spread of Covid-19. Let’s learn from 2020 by putting more of a focus on our health, well-being, and sustainability in 2021 with these three simple tips for a healthy and sustainable life.

tips for a healthy and sustainable life


Eat local, organic and compost


You’ve heard the old adage that you are what you eat. Well, by eating more fruits and vegetables is a great start to healthy eating. However, if you also eat local foods, you are also doing well environmentally. Lessening the distance that your foods travel to be consumed is the number one thing you can do. Also, don’t waste your leftovers. Please compost what you can. Reusing, upcycling, repurposing, and composting are great ways to live more sustainably.


Find a Healthcare professional


Your overall health is your number one goal. You only have one body. So, make it last. However, in order to get the best results and/to rectify real ailments, you will need to find healthcare providers such as physical therapists, OBGYN, dermatologists, and even mental health providers. It is not a weakness to seek out qualified healthcare professionals. It is wise to do your research. To find the best healthcare professionals by location and area of expertise, use


Exercise more by driving less


Most of us rely on a car for everything from driving to work, doing the shopping, seeing friends, and more. However, by limiting your car usage, you can improve your health as well as sustainability. Exchange your drive to the local food market for a bike ride or a long stroll. You will increase your fitness level, take a mental health break, and reduce your carbon footprint all in one action. Another good idea is to make plans with friends and family that require less driving and physical activity. Do a fun family walk or bike ride in the neighbourhood. It is fun for everyone, the kids, as well as those young at heart.

Why not jump into 2021 with a two-for-one goal of being more healthy and sustainable? You will feel good about your health and your carbon footprint. All it is takes is a conscious effort to make the right decision time and time again. It is easy to fall into old habits of driving for everything, grabbing a quick bite to eat anywhere, and ignoring your doctor visits. It will take reminders to succeed in your 2021 health and sustainability goals. Choose to eat locally and organic.  Try to drive less. You can do this by exchanging your wheels for your two feet.  Finally, it is important to add the right healthcare professionals to your team in 2021. 

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