A photo a day for the #everymomentcounts challenge

I love a photography challenge. It makes you think creatively and one around based around your family encourages you to capture those special little moments that you might otherwise miss. Families Online asked me to take part in the every moment counts challenge last week with a different theme for each day. I even got the DSLR out for the laughter photo. I had it out all day waiting to capture the perfect moment which I think I managed to do. 

Here are the seven photo’s I captured for the #everymomentcounts challenge.


Together we gathered conkers after school. The boys helped me choose the shiniest ones for the photo. 


Every year we go blackberry picking, it’s become a bit of a tradition. This is the first year Ava has been able to join in. 


These two have an amazing relationship. Kyle was practising his guitar and Ava pulls up a chair and joins him. I stopped cooking dinner to snap this picture of them laughing at each other. 

Three Things

I couldn’t think of a better three things to take a picture of!


I wore a colourful red dress to the new Hello Fresh family box launch night. 


A thought of a cuddle with the ones I love is what got me through the walking marathon I did today.


Today Kyle turned 10 and I have been reflecting on the past 10 years of being a Mum. 

If you want to give it a go yourself don’t forget to tag @familiesuk and use #everymomentcounts for your chance to be featured. I would love it if you tag me too so I can see what you get up to.


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