10 things I have liked/loved this month – May

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of May! Where has this month gone? And where has the summer gone? Looking back over the month it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and some major life changing decisions have been made. So here it is, 10 things I have liked/loved this month.

Finding our new house. We were given notice on our house and the next day we found an amazing place so we gave them back a month. We move in less than 2 weeks and although the house we are moving too isn’t going to be long term (it’s a currently empty vicarage) the gardens are amazing and the boys will absolutely love it there.
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James coming home. He’s been working away quite a lot recently and spent just over a week in America this month. With the time difference we don’t really get to speak so I really missed him. I was so excited going to pick him up and it’s so nice to have him back home. Although it isn’t nice when he is away it does make me appreciate the time we have together more.
My work. I’m on maternity leave from my part time job as a teacher and I’ve been stressing since before Ava about what I would do when I returned to work. I’ve somehow managed to find a job much closer to home (I was almost an hour away) and the amount of days that I want, with a head I have worked with before. It’s all working out really well and it’s a big weight off my shoulders.

Discovering a nice nursery for Ava. This one leads on from the last as when I return to work we will need a nursery for Ava for some of the time. We had viewed a local one that just didn’t feel right, so I was really relieved to find one that we both agreed was nice. It will make the guilt of leaving her a bit less.

Finding a bit of my style again. I feel like I have found a bit of myself again after focusing on Ava for the last 7 months, I’m coming out of the fog a bit and managing to dress a bit better and style my hair. I still don’t find the time to do my nails though which is next on my list.
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My blog getting nominated in the MAD Blog Awards. Which I still can’t believe. I also jumped up by over 200 places again in the TOTs100 and I know that scores aren’t important but it’s nice to see the hard work showing. I also started my first linky ‘Weaning Wednesdays’ and people linked up!

Getting outside. Although the weather hasn’t been great we have been getting outside when we can. Yesterday we found the most beautiful wood full of Bluebells.
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Ava developing her little personality. She turned 7 months on the 13th and is really starting to change. The last few days she has been trying really hard to blow raspberries and has finally mastered it. She giggles and smiles and is such a happy little thing. I made a video of her at 6 months.

The boys. Watching their relationship with Ava. They both love her and really are cute all together. Kyle has done really well with his reading and is now, much to his delight, a free reader. Finlay has mastered counting to 20,10 (30) and can swim a width on his back and 5m on his front totally unaided. A year ago he would cry getting his face splashed.
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Oreos. I’m slowly re introducing soya into my diet and although I’m not at the point where I can go and have a soya latte at Starbucks (yet) I can now have things with soya lecithin and soya flour in and Ava seems ok. It makes my life just that little bit easier.

We have got some great things going on next month which I’m really looking forward to. Bluestone, the new house, Foo Fighters and one of my best friends weddings. Bring on June 🙂

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8 responses to “10 things I have liked/loved this month – May”

  1. MyLifeMyLove says:

    Wow your new house looks amazing and I love your hair up dos. It’s so hard to make time for yourself when you’re a mummy.. I can empathise with your anxiety about returning to teaching after mat leave but it sounds like you have got everything worked out. Here’s to a fun filled June xx

  2. Emma T says:

    Looks like a wonderful house, perfect for your family.

    Sounds like everything’s going well. N uses the same swim floats as your younger son. Really want to get him something like that for out of lessons, but don’t want a jacket or anything as bulky. Need to do some research.

  3. The new house looks gorgeous, such lovely grounds too.

    I adore your hair in those pics, you look amazing. Totally natural to lose a bit of our style after having a little one. I only feel now, 3 years in, that I am starting to make steps in the right direction.

    Well done on all the blogging loveliness too. It’s really lovely when you feel some progress/recognition. Thanks so much for linking to count your lucky stars xx

  4. Thanks for linking up to #TenThings gorgeous 🙂 Your hair looks lovely, I’m awful at looking after myself as I’m always so busy, but eek you’ve inspired me to make more of an effort!
    Ava’s video is beautiful, as is she! Glad you’ve had such a good month and congrats on the MADS nomination (no idea who might have nominated you… 😉 and well done for Tots100 too, well deserved!
    Stevie xx #TenThings

  5. Love your hair, whenever I try that sort of thing it ends up like a birds nest 🙁 Well done on the MADS and Tots 100 it’s lovely to know the hard work pays off isn’t it x

  6. LaMesha says:

    What a sweet family you have! It definitely takes time to recover style wise after having a baby. I struggled with that too, but it was a good excuse to go shopping and update my wardrobe with a few new items! Enjoy your new house, it looks lovely. #TenThings

  7. Hrrm, I see comments but don’t see any post or photo’s?

    Anyhow, going by other people’s response, looks like you’ve had a great month blogging! I’ll pop back in the hopes that the photo’s appear in future – I need to see the hair everyone’s been complimenting 🙂

    I’ve subscribed to the thread so ping me with a comment if the problem was your end and you get it fixed and I’ll come check it out again.


  8. Jenny says:

    Looks like you have had a great month and lovely captures. Love when the month is smooth and full of great memories this time with your little one young goes way too fast. My style still hasn’t quite got there after babies so take your time. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you are enjoying my blog hop and thanks for all the linky support! #sharewithme

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